Monday, May 31, 2010

On dates and in relationships: how do you feel?


How’s it is going?

I was thinking about my past relationships and interaction with guys I wanted to ask you ladies a few questions just to see if you could relate:

For the single ladies:

-Do you ever feel as though there are no normal, single, quality available men left?

-Do you feel as though you meet men who are either married, have a girlfriend or otherwise not relationship material?

-Do you feel as though you always meet men who are afraid of commitment or settling down?

-When you go out with guys and you are having a good time, do you start thinking “hmmm, I wonder if he is the one” or “I think this is it”.

For ladies in (long term) relationships

-Do you find that you are anxious all the time, like you have fun with your guy but you really are not that relaxed around him?

-Do you wonder if he is happy with you?

-Do you find yourself wondering if your boyfriend really wants to be with you long term or marry you?

-Do you find yourself bringing up the topic of commitment or thinking about marriage all the time?

-Do you find yourself always thinking of what the future could be like with him – where you will live or how many children you have?

-Do you call your boyfriend all the time to check up on him?

-Do you want him to spend all his time with you?

- Do you and your guy end up bickering over frivolous things?

Just mull over these questions and see what answers you come up with…

I’ll be back with my own experiences.

I’d be really interested in hearing your answers to these questions too if any of you want to share because the answers will determine how you feel about YOU.

How you feel about YOU determines how your boyfriend or any potential guy in your life feels about YOU and how HOOKED on you he becomes.

It is also directly related to how much emotional attraction you can build with the guy in your life.

It’s an interesting phenomenon!

That’s your assignment for the next few days!

Ciao ladies

Alyssa K

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