Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How To Regain a Man's Interest - Lesson From a Feather!

Hello Ladies,

Today was cold and rainy and not one of those days when I want to be out and about. I love it when it rains though! Any excuse to curl up in bed. Today was way too cold for a day in May though but it was raining so I am not complaining.

In yesterday's REVIEW, we mentioned some of the mistakes that you may be making right now or have made in the past that have caused the men in your life to want to jump ship...

-Calling too often and essentially chasing him and thus chasing him AWAY

-Hinting about commitment, marriage and children too soon as in bringing it up before him

-Asking where the relationship is going

-Not giving him enough space and allowing him to enjoy his freedom

-Focusing on him and smothering him

-Giving him too much attention

Okay so just imagine that with any or all of these actions above, you are vigorously and desperately trying to catch that feather (the man in your life whose interest seems to be cooling off) that is falling from the sky.

The more you struggle to clutch at and catch and hang onto this feather, the more you push the feather away and the more frustrated you become and the more mistakes you end up making.

But ladies, what happens if you just relax, chill out, kick back and open up your hand? The feather will land in your hand effortlessly!

So what you want to do is to find ways of relaxing and opening your hand and letting the man you want come to you. That is how you regain his interest and KEEP his interest.

The way you do this is by focusing on YOU and YOUR feelings, not on the man.

•You open yourself up to yourself,

•You are feeling good

•The better you feel the more RELAXED you become

•The more RELAXED you become, the more POSITIVE VIBES you emit

•The more POSITIVE the VIBES, the more CONFIDENT you feel

•The more CONFIDENT you feel, the LESS ENERGY you expend

•The LESS ENERGY you expend, the MORE the man in your life will drift TOWARDS YOU since you are not pushing him away by your efforts to hang onto HIM.

He is drifting towards you because you have now become more ATTRACTIVE to him and are using your feminine energy to draw him in.

This is what you want ladies, even if you have made all the mistakes above, you can correct them and draw him back in.

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Ladies, I am really happy to hear of the upturns in your relationships. I really enjoy your emails. I smile when I read of your results! I told you!!!!!!

Keep reading and practising!

Ciao bellas

Alyssa K

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