Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to keep your man wanting more- Build emotional attraction!

Hey Ladies,

Just a short word today about building emotional attraction!

Do NOT underestimate the power of emotional attraction! lol

When you meet a man and you two start to develop an interest in one another, it is because you are attracted to one another.

Attraction is what makes the whole thing work. Without attraction, there can be nothing.

How attracted a man is to you is what will make him stay around for the long haul and make him want to commit to you.

But what type of attraction are we really talking about here?

Of course there is physical attraction but physical attraction can only get you so far.

That is why we often hear stories from some of our friends who are really attractive but can never seem to be able to inspire a man to want to be around them for a long time.

They go out with a guy for a very short while before the chaos starts and the man then runs away for dear life.

So obviously then, inspiring a guy to want to be around you has absolutely nothing to do with mere physical attraction.

At the beginning it does help since men are visual creatures but to keep a man around you have to do a whole lot more than just look good.

The kind of attraction you need to build with your man is emotional attraction:

the type of attraction which is the beginning of true affection and which allows you to connect to a man in ways you never thought possible.

This attraction gives you a key to his heart.

This is the attraction that is the result of you making him feel very wanted and admired.

The kind of attraction that simply makes him feel good when talking to you, about you or being in your presence.

When he thinks about you his heart warms. When he sees you he is just blown away.

He longs to hear your voice again because you make him feel good each and every single time you talk to him.

When you are not with him, he wants to hear from you.

He thinks of you and a smile comes to his lips. You send him a text, he sees it’s from you and he smiles and opens it immediately.

This is the sort of attraction that will cause the man in your life to want to move mountains for you and want to be with you all the time.

Bear this in mind as your are flirting up a storm on your next date!

Ciao ladies

Alyssa K

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