Monday, May 3, 2010

How can I be more attractive? Lesson from a Party

Hi ladies,

I hope you ladies had a wonderful weekend! I hope you got out and mingled and had fun!

I know I did!

I went to this party on Saturday night. Yes, another one and this one was amazing! There were easily about 200 people there. The music, the food and the people and the company made for an excellent night!

Of course you know in the midst of me dancing up a storm and mingling, I was observing. That way I always have something to let you ladies in on lol…

What is it that makes quality guys approach some ladies and not others at a club or a party? What is it that makes some women more attractive than others regardless of looks?

When I say quality guys I mean the guys are confident, attractive and self-assured, the ones that can have any woman they choose, the ones with swagger, the ones that know they have enough guts to approach any woman without fear of rejection because they know they got it going on…

I am not being superficial here either. Yes a beautiful woman is always going to attract stares from men because men are visual creatures and they will see outer beauty first but outer beauty means nothing if you do not appear attractive to men, unless you have a high attraction quotient (AQ).

I noticed that at this party, there were many of the ladies were very pretty, well put together, hair and nails done, make up on point…

Problem is most of them just sat around in the corner or stood against the wall pouting or looking serious. Hello! It’s a party, nobody died, the music is great and you have your friends all around you, serious eye-candy! What more could you ask for?

Get up and dance, shake a leg, at least put a smile on your face, look and feel confident and radiant. That is what draws people to you generally. I met a few other ladies there as well just because they were dancing up a storm just like I was. Like attracts like…

All of the ladies who were dancing and looking and feeling good and not giving a flip either way were being approached and asked to dance. Men were walking up to us and initiating conversation. If you happen to meet a cool guy great, if not it doesn’t matter. It’s just the opportunity for you to meet new people, flirt, practise your new techniques and keep it moving.

The next time you go to a party:

1.Look your best
2.Feel your best
3.Make up your mind to have fun
4.Smile and look approachable
5.Dance and dance well
6.Flirt like there is no tomorrow
7.Adopt an attitude that says “I do not give a flip about anything, I’m here to have fun”
8.Adopt an attitude that says “I am free and by George I am going to enjoy my freedom”
9.Move around and mingle. Don’t stand or dance in one area or stand talking to one man for the entire night. No ladies…

That is how you start to become a people magnet. That’s one of the first steps to getting him hooked. If you can do this for one night at a party, you can learn to do it for a lifetime quite easily if you have a manual you can follow! Manuals make life so much easier!

If you need some help with this and extra tips for the days after the party where you happened to meet a cool guy you are interested in, click here for this gem of an e-book. You can start reading it tonight and getting in gear.

The techniques in this book are really powerful. You do not know when you'll meet a guy you like and if you really like him, you do NOT want to scare him off. You want to get him hooked on you! That's the objective!

I will hear you ladies tomorrow! If you have any crises between now and then lol, you know where to find me.

Ciao bellas

Alyssa K

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