Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to get a guy hooked on you - Focus on YOU!

Hey ladies,

Hope your relationships are shaping up like you are wanting them to.

If that is happening then it means that a shift is happening within YOU.

YOU changed something and so the dynamic of the relationship started to change.

I was thinking of something recently that I wanted to share which I think is important.

Here on the blog and in other places on the internet no doubt, the advice you will get is pretty clear.

It might appear as though there is a certain set of rules to follow when dealing with guys.

So there is specific advice on:

-becoming a "bitch"

-calling men

-asking guys out on dates

-how to get a guy's attention

-correcting mistakes you made so far

What I wanted to point out here though is that the above advice is just the start.
You have to start somewhere.

You see when you put any the advice into practice and you get your hands on any of the resources, that is the first step.

The resources give you the first insight into the mistakes you have been making and how to correct them and give you the first real feeling of control over your life and your love life.

From there you need to internalize the advice in a way that allows your own personality and femininity to shine through and so become the unique woman that wins his heart.

Even though you have been seeing results with the techniques you have read about here on the blog, started using the advice,

to get the “it” factor, you have to take that advice and work it into your life and allow it to mesh with who you are at the core.

Don’t forget that these resources are just there to help you and guide you to becoming the lady who inspires a man to want to be with her and only her.

Here’s what else I want you to do though.

Think about

-how would you describe yourself?

-What are you passionate about?

-Is there anything that makes your eyes light up when you do it or think about it?

-What is it about you that people really like?

-Can you honestly say that you are happy where you are right now in life?

-If not, is it because you see happiness as a destination?

-Are you comfortable with yourself?

-Are you at peace with yourself?

I’ll tell you why all this is important.

If you only focus on applying the techniques which will work no doubt,

you still have not dealt with the underlying issues that have a negative impact on your level of confidence when dealing with yourself and with others.

Remember that when you know who YOU are at the core, this is when the real magic starts!

When you are at peace and happy with YOURSELF, those are the vibes that you will automatically transmit to the guy in your life (and to other people around you by the way).

If a guy likes being in your presence BECAUSE he feels at peace and happy with you, what do you think is going to happen when you mix that with the advice and the tips you have been learning?

Ciao ladies

Alyssa K

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