Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Can I Be Less Emotional?

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Today we’ll be talking about throwing what I call temper tantrums which is another of the mistakes that we sometimes make as women.

I really do not want to generalize but sometimes we have to admit that we get very emotional with the guys we are dating or are in relationships with.

We become really emotional over things that we do not necessarily need to get emotional over.

We’ll get upset if he doesn’t call when he said he was going to or if he doesn’t call enough

We’ll get upset if he goes out with the boys, stays out late and doesn’t call

We’ll get upset if he just is not doing something right

We’ll get upset if he doesn’t make it clear he wants a relationship with us in like a month or if he does not propose to us within a particular time frame and start issuing ultimatums complete with tears etc….

Okay we feel what we feel but ladies please realise that the only things we succeed in doing when we go on an emotional roller coaster when the men in our lives are:

•To cause them to shut down

•To cause them to zone out

•To cause them to pull away

•To cause them to try to find the nearest exit as quickly as possible

If there is one thing that you have to do here is to get your emotions under control. In order to do this you have to get control of yourself.

When you emotions are out of control, you are speaking from a place of fear and negativity and you project those negative emotions onto the man in your life.

All he sees at that point is that you are someone he has to get away from as quickly as possible. You are all wrapped up in negativity now and causing him pain and frustration and that is what he will try to avoid.

End result, the more emotional you become, the more detached he becomes.

Whenever the man in your life is displaying behavior that you are not particularly pleased with, this is not the time for you pander to him and be nice and show him how much he means to you by losing control.

This is when you have to become a bitch and be in total control of yourself, your emotions and the situation.

When you act this way, the man in your life will either shape up or ship out. Either way he will respect you. When you have his respect, he’ll come closer without you having to say a word in an attempt to convince him, beg, plead or throw a temper tantrum.

Now that is exactly what you want.

Ladies, get control over your emotions! To find out how to do that click here !

Ciao bellas

Alyssa K

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