Friday, June 11, 2010

How to inspire a man to want to be around you

Hey Ladies,

How’s it going?

So I gave you ample time to reflect on the questions.

I’ll share my experience. I don’t know if you can relate but here is what I realized. It may be overly simplistic but…

When I used to feel uptight or uneasy about my interaction with my significant other in any way, things never seemed to go smoothly at all.

By uptight or uneasy I mean, thinking too much about what he said or did and what that would mean down the line.

And the thing is a whole range of negative thoughts would build one upon the other until I had worked myself up in a right tizzy for NO reason whatsoever.

All the while significant other is steadily shutting down because he can sense that something he does not want is going to happen, lol i.e me wanting to “talk”.

That "talk" I wanted to have was coming from that place of fear and things are not going well so that's what came out.

In my experience, the more you fixate on what you do not want to happen or on whatever your fears for your relationship or your interaction with men are, the more you will see exactly what you do NOT want play out just like a movie.

Except that this movie will play itself out a few days, weeks or months down the line like a self fulfilling prophecy.

That was then…

Now, I find that I do not think past any given moment. Granted this is not something that just happened overnight.

When you live in the moment and enjoy what is whilst remaining completely detached from any outcome whatsoever, your only objective being to enjoy the moment for what is, here’s what happens to YOU:

-You feel lighter, not weighed down by "what ifs" because frankly it doesn’t matter one way or the other

-You have positive energy flowing through you because you are happy in the moment

-You transmit that energy to all around you including the man in your life

-You inspire him to want to be around you more because you make him feel good when he’s around you

Then it becomes very easy to connect to him because he WANTS to connect to you and thus you have created emotional attraction.

Put that together with some sexy flirting tips and you are on your way to making him yours!


Alyssa K

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