Monday, May 17, 2010

Should I give him an ultimatum?

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Just wanted to address an issue real quick.

I have spoke to a few ladies who are saying that the guys in their life just will not commit. Either he will not come out and say whether they are officially a couple, dating exclusively or whatever or just will not take the next step to getting engaged and getting married.

The next question is, should I give him an ultimatum?

If I were in your shoes I would say no because direct ultimatums translate to pressure in the male mind and pressure will mean that your man will run in the next direction to try to get away from you and the pressure.

That said, I am not against giving him a nudge to see how HE measures up and if he is indeed the right person for YOU.

For him not to feel pressure from you and for you to get the answer and the result you want, again you cannot play nice. You have to think and act like a "bitch". We have talked about this before in other posts so you know exactly what I mean by this.

The best way to do that is by pulling away from him so that then HE starts to wonder if YOU want to commit to him.

That way you get your answer, if he steps up to the plate and you stop making the mistakes you have been making up to this point, you get exactly what you want.

If he does not step up to the plate, you would have wasted your time with him anyway so move on.

If you have even thought about giving him an ultimatum, then you have been making mistakes so far.

That’s fine you can become that woman that he just has to be with Man Mistake Eraser. When he sees that you are strutting your stuff, confident alluring and sexy because you have changed, he'll be giving you ultimatums! LOL

Whatever you do, do NOT give that man an ultimatum!

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