Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Man Mistake Eraser-How to regain a man's interest REVIEW

Hello Ladies,

How’s it going today? I really hope that you are taking advantage of the warm weather and getting out and about after work when you can! Do not underestimate the value of social proof…another topic for another day!

Have I found an impressive resource for you, ladies! There is no dating or relationship school or college. Some women just have it and some women don’t.

That where I come in. For those of you who need help in this area, I find you the resources you need to help you to get a new perspective on life, make a change in YOU, help you to become one of the women who just have it and get the relationship that you really want with the man of YOUR choice! All you need to do is learn, practise often and have fun with it! Be easy about it…


For those of you ladies who feel that you have made mistake after mistake with the man in your life and he is now pulling back and you sense that he is on his way out or that has already checked out, I give you the Man Mistake Eraser- How to Regain His Interest by Mimi Tanner.


It is made up of 11 classes and is 220 pages long! It is a bit different from the other resources in that it is a printed spiral bound book that is mailed directly to your home in discreet packaging of course, have no fear ladies. It comes with 2 bonuses, Hard to Get and How to Write a successful Online Profile. These you can download now and start reading immediately. These whet your appetite while you wait for the main course!


You all know that I much rather prefer e-books because they are very discreet. As I say, no-one needs to know about the challenges you are having with the man in your life or the challenges you have been having with men generally so if there is one thing that I would have to critique about this resource, it is that it is hard copy. That makes it harder to stash when company pops in unexpectedly.


Ladies, when you receive the Man Mistake Eraser you will easily overlook that. It really does not matter anymore because you now have your guide to making your relationship work even if the man in your life is now inching backwards. All the mistakes you have ever made will be things of the past because at your disposal you now have:

•An easy to read, easy to follow complete course that you can read at your leisure. I recommend that you follow the classes in the order in which they appear and take the time to highlight the parts that speak directly to you so you can revisit quickly in times of crisis. You may need to do a quick review from time to time. Each of us has our own challenges, identify yours and work to overcome it quickly!

•A teaching guide that really cuts to the chase and explains why:

-calling a man too much is always a deal breaker

-why you should never ask a man where the relationship is going

-why you should never throw temper tantrums and let him see you sweat

-you cannot act insecure and clingy

-talking about commitment and marriage too soon when a man is not ready will send him out the door

-you should never tell a man “I love you first”

Ladies, have you made any of the mistakes above? Then you will want to have this in your hands quickly. I just chose a few of the mistakes we have all made at some time or another. You know that you have probably made tons more and the book covers them ALL and provides SOLUTIONS! Work with it.

If you have recently made any of these faux pas and the man you like is now acting fickle and it looks like he is heading through the door, STOP! Do nothing else! DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200! Just chill…

You can still recover and regain his interest IF you stop making the mistakes AND have a clear idea of what to do next! Don’t play with this one ladies! Go after what YOU want in the RIGHT way.


Are you serious about having the kind of love life you have only dreamed of thus far? Really…

Are you really serious about getting a new perspective and making sure you do NOT make the same mistakes you have been making over and over again? Really…

Are you really serious about recovering from the mistakes you have already made and about getting the man in your life interested in you again? Really…

Are you really serious about inspiring him to want to be with you and only you?

Well okay then, let’s get you started! Click here to go directly to the site where you can order your copy of this teaching guide. IMPORTANT, to make it easy for you, you’ll find the link to the Man Mistake Eraser in the first few lines of the page. Don’t forget to download your free stuff, the 2 bonuses all in one go and become that woman who just HAS IT!

Have fun with this one ladies! As always any questions you know where to find me. askalyssak@gmail.com

Ciao bellas,

Alyssa K

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