Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to NOT scare a guy off -Part 2

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I took a cool stroll today and just breathed in the fresh smell of late spring. It felt good to feel at one with nature. I’m definitely doing that again before the week is over.

We are still on the topic of how NOT to scare a guy off.

I’m talking here about guys whom you have just met and also about guys whom you have been dating for a while and really been in long term relationships with.

You all know me by now and know how I love to tell stories (true stories) to illustrate my point.

Today I was having a conversation with this guy. He’s 31. He said that he broke up with his girlfriend because she was talking about getting married all the time and pressuring him.

In the end he said he just could not deal with it anymore. He admitted that at the beginning he did say sure we’ll get married but…that was just to get her to stop talking about it.

He then said that women need to chill out and not talk about marriage and babies on the first date.

Let me add here that this is not the first guy I have heard say this and I am also talking about guys who have been in long term relationships so you really can’t say here that they are afraid of committing to one woman.

In the male mind, a woman who will talk about marriage and kids constantly is:

-More interested in getting married than in me

-Coming on too fast too soon and appears desperate to get a ring

-Applying too much pressure

It’s the same thing as well if you go out with a guy and on the first date you are talking marriage and kids. Give the guy a chance to get to know you first for YOU. Give yourself a chance to see if this is someone you want to be the father of your children.

I’ll share another story with you. There’s another couple I know who recently got together so they have been seeing each other for about six months now.

Already the lady is planning the wedding and has already voiced this to her boyfriend. She said that her boyfriend “agreed” with her and that he said, they would get married in two years.

It seems then that she has been bringing up the topic of marriage and he is agreeing just like the other guy I had a conversation with just to get her to back off. By saying two years, he gets her to shut up about it but buys himself some time to find a way out and find someone else...

In addition, she is constantly around him. It appears as though if she could spend every waking minute in his presence she would. Recently she has been complaining that her boyfriend has not been taking all of her calls and has been telling her he is busy...

Now if you have been following the blog I know you know all the mistakes that she has been making and that unless she does serious damage control and gets him to stop pulling away, the days for this relationship are numbered.

Ladies, please cool it with this. This is NOT the way to get any guy hooked on you. It will push him away.

What you want is for him to know that you are comfortable in your own skin, confident, alluring, seductive and no-nonsense. At this point then, he really can't help but to get hooked on you, now can he?

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The objective is to get him hooked on you, to cherish you and want to be with you only. Therefore you have to act in a way that inspires him to do that.

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