Friday, May 7, 2010

Should I call him first? Mistake Number 1

Hello ladies,

How are you all lovely ladies doing today? I know that many of you are feeling a lot better now with the guys in your life. That is EXCELLENT!

Keep doing what you are doing.

You know what my next question is going to be since it’s a Friday! What do you have planned for this weekend? And if you have nothing planned as yet to do for YOU then spend the rest of today thinking about a plan for tonight and tomorrow. I’m serious ladies…

For those of you with dates this weekend with a new guy or your long term boyfriend or husband, have fun, kick back, enjoy yourself and let YOU shine through. At every step you want to be doing YOU but drawing him in.

It’s a perfect weekend all round to try out any new techniques!

We’ve been talking about mistakes we ladies make with guys and I had to talk to you about this one because this is one that can be easily overlooked.

Now I know that I may get a lot of resistance about this one but I am prepared to take it because I have the proof that this one does not bring pleasant results at all.

I am talking about calling a man first . I am speaking from past personal experience and from the stories I have heard from my girlfriends. IT DOES NOT TURN OUT WELL.

Ladies, if you go out this weekend and you meet a cool guy and you two exchange numbers, please do NOT call him. I do not care if it takes him 50 years to call you, do NOT call him.

It might seem silly and you may think, what’s the harm? It’s one stupid phone call.
Here’s the harm…

Most men do NOT view women calling first favourably…but they will almost NEVER tell you that. Add calling him first to all the other mistakes you will make in future with him, you are doomed with this man BEFORE you start.

Guaranteed that if you call a man first, you WILL make other mistakes with him.

Ladies, this is tough love I am giving here.

•It is NOT your role to call him first period. Let him be the man and step up to the plate and call you if he is interested in you. If he is not interested in you, some other man who is perhaps 100 times more suited to you will be interested in you and will call you. Whatever happens you have to let men be men and pursue who they are interested in. Trust me when I say that if you made a good first impression, he WILL call you. You would have fulfilled your role by drawing him in enough to you to call you and that is ALL you need to do.

•The moment you start wondering why he hasn’t called you and looking at the phone, waiting around by the phone and then God forbid, picking up the phone 50 times and saying “should I call him?”, “I am going to call”, “no I can’t call”, “That’s it, I’m calling” and then you CALL, you have already lost control of you and the situation. Just walk him to the door now and wave bye bye…

•You are already in that place of fear and insecurity because you now have no clue whether he ever planned on calling you or if he is really into you. There is no way you can be confident and appear attractive enough to him to have him crave being around you, at least not for the long term. All your uncertainty and doubt will go straight through the phone and be felt by him. You have already LOST, bella!

Ladies, I know this is causing problems for many of you. If you have always had problems with this, click here and solve this once and for all and to learn how to stop making all the other mistakes that stop you from becoming the woman that inspires a man to crave being around her. You now know how to keep his interest.

It is when a man wants more than anything to be around you long term, that you are officially one of the women with the SECRET! You will officially be one of the dream women.

For those of you who order any of the resources you find on my blog between now and May 31st, I will be offering free one on one advice, as in on the PHONE. Yes I actually want to talk to you ladies and hear from you :)!

Ciao bellas

Alyssa K

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