Friday, April 30, 2010

What Does A Man Want In A Woman?

Hey Ladies,

How are you?

What do you have planned today? After work, I am going for a drink at a salsa bar. It’s a bar yes, but there is a really spacious dance floor. The music is cool. Not only salsa but house, R&B, hip hop, reggaeton, techno, you name it they play it. The ambiance is really good as well!

I expect you ladies have a whole weekend planned. You need to get up and go out in order to practise what you learn here lol.

Today we’ll be discussing what does a man want in a woman

You know how I like to use stories to illustrate my point so listen up…

Imagine a lady who has got it together, very pretty, she has a hobby which she is absolutely in love with and is lucky to have found a job doing the very thing she loves; she loves to talk and to be the centre of attention.

She thrives on attention and will do anything to get it but she is really cool so that can be overlooked. She is very outspoken generally and has an opinion on everything. She loves to go out and have fun. Well at least she used to…

She is seeing someone. It was a long distance relationship at first but she flew half way around the world to be with him. He is what people would describe as a cool, laid back guy, not a care in the world. The lady in question has become a completely different person when she is with her boyfriend.

-She no longer has an opinion on anything and agrees with whatever he says
-She will not go out unless it is with him or unless he is coming
-She refuses to make friends in the city to which she has relocated because she wants to spend all her time with him
-She calls him all sorts of pet names in public
-She does not go partying and wants to be home by 9pm so she has the whole night to spend with him


Her boyfriend has tried to break up with her more than once but she cries and he gives in and stays with her. He has cheated on her AND she knows about it but the behavior I described above has not changed in the least. He actually begs her to go out and she refuses because she prefers to spend all her time with him.

When I hear stories like this I want to give these ladies a good shake. It is obvious that she loves him and wants him to love her BUT she’s going about it in ways that end up pushing him away. She thinks they will get married.

That is the type of behavior you want to avoid at all costs with a man. Would you have expected the woman I described at first to act this way with a guy she is seeing? Would you think that she needed to?

There are 3 top traits a man looks for in woman. You cannot fake these traits. You either have them or you do not. If you do not have them, I am going to help you to learn them:

-Self-confidence. A woman who is confident and sure of herself is a turn-on to any man. She does not need his approval or for him to validate her worth. She knows who she is; comfortable in her own skin; makes her boundaries clear and can tell him to get lost if he is disrespectful in any way.

-Independence. A woman who can stand on her own two feet and does not accept hand-outs from anyone will command respect from a man. She does not need him to take her out to have dinner at a fancy restaurant.

She can go to the fancy restaurant when she wants to and treat him to a fancy dinner on occasion. This is a woman who has goals and dreams and works hard to achieve those goals and dreams. She will make it in life with or without him.

-Fun-loving. Men love a woman that they can play with. This is the woman that they can joke around with; tease; and have a witty war of words, a pillow fight or a game of charades with. These are the type of women who live in the moment and are not worried about what tomorrow may bring. They live for today.

Ladies, do not fall into the trap above. Men will sometimes bait you into this type of behavior. Clingy, insecure behaviour is NOT what a man wants in a woman!

If you are not sure about what a man wants in a woman, find out!

Learn how to exude that air about you that men love!

Learn about your “opponent” lol and what you need to do for YOU in order to become that dream woman that men want to meet and stay with!

Talk to you later ladies! Have fun this weekend!

Ciao bellas

Alyssa K

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