Friday, July 2, 2010

How to spot Mr. Wrong


It’s July now and I expect to hear only good things! How is the challenge going?

It’s almost over but you can extend it personally if you wish.

It’s good practice anyway.

You had some time to really get into the swing of things. You should have “easily dated” at least 10 guys between last week and this week. If you did that I am willing to bet that those guys approached, at least some of them anyway.

Yeah, don’t worry, I’m right there with you. You don’t think I’m going to tell you to do something I wouldn’t do myself right?

Just remember ladies, BE SELECTIVE and now you can afford to be.

Why? Because you now have CHOICES!

It’s fine if they approach and it’s fine to be friendly and flirtatious but remember that YOU are in control of who you spend your precious time with.

So if you have any of the following signs or clues coming out of the conversation you may have with any of these guys, wrap it up and move on.

It’s about being empowered and confident enough not to settle for anything less than you want or deserve. In the course of any follow up conversations as you are getting to know him

If he tells you:

1. He is not looking for anything serious
2. He does not want to settle down anytime soon, he just wants to have fun and date
3. He has a child and girlfriend
4. He's "separated" (i.e. married)
5. He wants to have a sex with no strings attached (i.e. booty call or friends with benefits)

Or if he:

1.Says he’ll call and doesn’t
2.Can’t keep his word
3.Can’t keep his story straight in the course of conversation
4.Cancels dates last minute

You simply smile and keep it moving. Do not argue with him, do not try to change him. Do not try to talk it out. There is nothing to talk about. What is there to talk about?

Now I am not saying that some of the situations above cannot lead to something more meaningful but that would be the exception not the rule.

If you know that you cannot handle any of the above, do not waste your time with him. Do not pretend to be okay with any of it if you are not. If you are sure that you want more, know what you want and go after it and DO NOT settle for less. If he is not cutting it ladies, cut him loose.

You know when a man is not cutting it. You can feel it in your gut. Put YOU as Number 1 and raise your standards.

And then suddenly, you realise you have this guy hooked on you and not wanting to let you go.

Talk to you later ladies! Keep having fun!

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