Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to get a man to call you - Less is more

Hey ladies,

What do you do when the guy that you like never calls but sends you a text when he wants to ask you out on a date or talk to you?

If you have no problem with this as a sole or primary method of communication with the guy you are dating or seeing, then ignore all the advice in this article.

If however, you are bothered in the least by the fact that he is not calling you to have a proper conversation or worse, if he asks you out via a text message, then you have take some sort of action to let him know that you would prefer a phone call and that text messaging is unacceptable as a primary form of communication.

To get a man to call you instead of sending text messages is very simple.

Simply stop responding to his texts. You have two choices when you receive the text. You can either read the text and not respond or simply not read it so that you are not tempted to respond. This works for three main reasons.

1. Men do not understand words, only action. You could tell him that you prefer having a phone conversation instead of a text marathon or you could show him. By not responding, you have cut communication with him. That is what men respond to.

2. When he realizes that you are no longer responding to his texts, he will instantly know that something is wrong and he will call you to find out what's wrong. At that point, you can then simple tell him that you prefer to have phone conversations and all that text messaging does your head in. That is all you need to say.

3. You get exactly what you want which is for him to call you instead of text messaging you and he now gets what he wants because you are no longer ignoring him. Win Win...

No need to say or do anything else. Less is more.

Alyssa K

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