Saturday, July 3, 2010

How to become irresistible to men - How is your thinking?


Your perspective is changing! A shift is taking place!

I am happy to hear that many of you are taking steps in the right direction.

I know that you have heard this a million times but I’ll say it again.

What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…

At some point, you have to say enough is enough. If it’s not working, I need to change something I am doing and quick!

I have actually spoken to some of you who have had astounding results with Man Mistake Eraser. Way to go!

Yes, I told you when you download through the blog, I offer one on one advice if you need it, didn't I?.

You want to know how to regain his interest?

how to get him to realise your value, your worth?

how to get him to see that you mean business?

how to meet guys that are worth your time?

I sense your frustration...

When you realize that what you are doing is not working the way you’d like it to, you become frustrated but that frustration is your first step ladies…

Then you start to think,

This is nonsense.

How many times is this going to happen to me?

I’ve had enough

Well this is the last time

I deserve more and I want more

I’m pretty attractive. I look good and I feel good.

Heck, I'm beautiful.

I can go out right now and I’ll be sure to have the time of my life

This is my life. I’m going to live it to the fullest.

I am free and I’m going to enjoy my freedom

I want to have fun and I’m going to have fun with or without him.

I have one life and it all happens here and now :-)

I know what I want and I’m going to get it

And while, I’m at it, who knows, I might meet a cool, quality guy I get along really well with.

But by George, I am going to enjoy my freedom right now and have some fun!

When you start having these sorts of thoughts more often during the day, that, ladies, is when all sort of good things begin happening in you!

Once that shift starts in you, it can only be seen and FELT by others including the man in your life!

That is how you put all the wrong things right and get what you truly want!

Get what it is that you really want.

Combine the above with some proven strategies outlined in Man Mistake Eraser and watch what happens! Offer still stands when you download through my blog!

Love it!!! This is your summer ladies! Something has got to give!

Much love

Alyssa K


  1. Alyssa your blog is awesome!!!
    Iv been dating my man 5 years and at first he was all committed and definetly gonna marry me and all of a sudden he backed off! and now hes a commitmentaphobe and we talk maybe a minute a day if that, see eachother once a month or so. it sucks! And i miss him how he was. he says hes too busy, hes cant go out, he cant get married because he needs to focus on his career...

    Should i back off?/be 'hard to get'?

  2. Hey sweetie, yes you have to back off. Something changed and caused him to start pulling back and giving all those excuses. You cannot force him to do anything he does not want to do. He has told you and he has shown you that he is not ready to get married. Listen to him. Time for you to pull back but not because you are waiting for him to change his mind and come around (if that happens great!) but because it has become clear that you two do not want the same things now. It is time for you to get "too busy" and focus on your own projects. But if I said to you now that in six months to a year, you could be married to another wonderful man who worships the ground you walk on and who knew that he was hooked on you and ready to marry you within a few months, would you back off? You know why I asked that question. Hugs

  3. Hey Alyssa, just read pretty much all your blog entries and I have a question.
    I'm in the process of rekindling my relationship with my ex fiance (that was one hell of a project!) Now we are reconnecting, but I found myself being the least irresistible and more spastic woman in the face of the earth last time we spoke. I was all over the place, talking and blabbing (i swear i didnt have anything to drink) It was awful.
    How do i revert THAT????

  4. Hey Dee,

    Well you have to think about what made you do it in the first place. What were you talking about and why? What caused you to feel as though you needed to just talk uncontrollably. What are you afraid of? Find out what you are afraid of. That has to be your starting point and but then you have to let go of the fear. Only then can you make the shift to a place where you feel light, free, fearless and in control. That's when you'll relax, he'll relax and your relationship will improve drastically! Hugs