Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to get a man to commit to you - 3 fun and easy ways to do it

hey ladies,

When you start thinking "does he want a relationship with me?"; "I need to know where I stand with him"; "Why won't he marry me?"; "does he want to get married?", then something isn't right. You have to nip this in the bud quickly.

Some women go through this all the time and it gets worse as the relationship drags on. We go through all sorts of mental gymnastics on how to get the guy we are dating to commit to a relationship with us or how to get our boyfriends to commit to marriage.

Somehow we have been conditioned to expect that any man whom we are seeing or dating at the time should be the man we are meant to be with for all eternity especially if the relationship has been a long term one. We somehow expect that the guy whom we are dating and to whom we have grown attached should feel the same way and want to commit to us.

But what if you changed the way that you perceive things? What if it didn't matter to you that much anymore? What if enjoying life and not taking it so seriously ranked as high as or higher than getting a commitment with the guy who is dragging his feet on it?

You know what it is that you want which for many of you is a committed relationship with a man who loves and respects you and who would do anything for you, right?

But who is to say that this will happen with the man you are currently with? It doesn't matter if you have been with him five months or five years. There is no way to tell and you cannot coerce him or dish out ultimatums. In any case, that's really no fun for you, is it?

Why not do it the fun way? Here are three easy tips that will inspire any man to want commit to you:

1. Realise that you cannot force a man to do anything that he does not want to do but you can inspire him to want to commit to you. You have to adopt the type of attitude which conveys to him that he is okay for now but you are not quite sure if you want to be with him always.

That is, in essence, what men do all the time anyway so why not take a page out of that book? Remember that he is one of hundreds of men that you could potentially have a good relationship with and it's good that you always have the presence of mind to keep your options open.

2. Detach yourself from any outcome with him. If you two happen to end up in a committed relationship or get married, then that would be a pleasant surprise but right now all you do is to enjoy the time you spend with him and stop thinking about whether he is "the one" or not. When you do that he realizes that you like having him around but your life is not dependent on whether or not he stays around.

3. Start to enjoy your freedom. What is it that you like to do? Start doing more of that, having more fun, putting you first and spending less time with him. When he realizes that you are not too keen on roping him in for a commitment, he'll start to wonder whether or not you even like being with him or having him around. He'll start wondering whether or not you want to commit to him. And that is where you want him...

Before you know it, you are in a committed relationship with a guy who just doesn't want to let you go.

What did you do? You simply changed your perspective and got him hooked on you!

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