Friday, June 25, 2010

How to be irresistible to a man- 3 tips to drive him crazy for you


How the challenge going? Here is some more reading material for you when you come home in the evenings from being all sexy, confident and fabulous !


How do you become irresistible to a man? How do you inspire him to want to be with you and only you? How do you make him have eyes only for you?

In a sense, this might seem like a very tall order especially if your track record with men has not been the best or if you think that you have made every single mistake in the book so far with the man in your life, but it is not.

I remember when my track record sucked but that was because my perspective sucked.

It is very doable once you have a few techniques to get you started. Whatever stage you are right now on the dating scene or with the man in your life, you can turn things around in your favour and have him eating out of the palm of your hand a lot faster than you thought possible.

Everything has to do with your attitude and the vibe that you are giving off to the men around you. The following are just a tip of the iceberg but they will take you closer to your objective of being irresistible.

1. Adopt the attitude that says "I like you and I like being around you but I don't really need to have you around". You don't need to speak these words. It's all in the attitude. You are sweet and charming to be around but you are confident and comfortable in your own skin. It is the confidence that will draw him in.

2. Never stop pursuing your own dreams or living your life because of any man in your life. Continue to enjoy your freedom and your own interests just as you did before he came on the scene.

Adopt the attitude that says "I was living my life just fine before I met you". At this point your passion and your zest for life is visible. That's what keeps you happy and when you are happy you are sexy.

3. Give him the space he needs to enjoy his freedom. Do not crowd him, do not smother him and make him think that you are his second mother. Do not try to tell him what to do or where to go or who to go out with. Leave him be. He is not a child, don't treat him like one. When you do not try to hang on to tightly, he'll want to stay around.

These are just a few tips to get you started on your quest to becoming irresistible to the men around you.

How many men or people in general have you smiled at this week 5, 6?

Keep it up ladies!

Alyssa K

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