Friday, June 11, 2010

What should you do when a guy does not call?

Hello ladies,

What should you do if a guy does not call? This is a question I have got quite a few times.

We all have had the experience at one time or another when a man did not call when he said he would, or did not call after the first date or just stopped calling after a couple of months and then backed away until he disappeared altogether.

While sometimes it is true that he could have been in a terrible accident and in hospital, 99.99% of the time that is not the reason for a man not calling.

There is usually nothing else going on other than that he lost interest in you and does not know how to tell you or that he was never that interested in the first place.

When a guy you are really into does not call or stops calling, what you do NOT want to do is call him three times a day or worse yet, leave voice messages in which you ask him if he is okay and to please call you back. No...

So what should you do when a man does not call? What should you do when it appears as though a man has lost interest in you?

The answer is...absolutely nothing. That's exactly right. You make yourself just as scarce as he is.

Any calling, texting or emailing from your end to find out what is wrong and trying to convince him to call you back and to like you again will only result in him completely ignoring or being nasty to you beyond words.

You can NEVER convince a man to be interested in you again.

You just have to let it go; drop the ball. If he picks it up again, great!

If not, no love lost. Move on because he was obviously not that interested in you in the first place.

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