Monday, June 21, 2010

Easy "Dating" Challenge

Hey Ladies,

Remember yesterday I mentioned a challenge?

Well I was thinking about bringing together what I said in my last two posts.

Okay so I said that you can meet guys anywhere where they meet to watch World Cup football but ladies its even simpler than that…there are guys everywhere, the store, on the streets, coffee, shop, supermarket, mall, school…they are everywhere, all around us…okay that’s the first thing and

Secondly, it’s not that hard to meet them. All you have to do is smile and be friendly. Look approachable and they will approach…

Okay so the challenge is to “date” a guy a day lol

In other words for the next two weeks when you go out, this is the challenge:

1. Find a reason to go out even if you are on vacation for the next fourteen days. If you sit at home, you cannot be in the challenge lol

2. Look and feel your best when you step out of the house. You look good, you feel good. You know it.

3. At some point during the day, you must make it a point to smile at a guy whom you do not know well or know at all and if possible, strike up friendly conversation.

4.That is ALL you do.

5.It can be any guy anywhere, just one every day. Smile, be friendly, look approachable

N.B. That's 14 guys by the way...

The objective here is not to find or catch a man. If that happens, great!

The objective here is to get those of you who are fixated on that one guy who is not stepping up to the plate to realize that you are attractive and that there are many guys out there who would fall over themselves to go out on a date with YOU!

Therefore there is NO reason for you to bother about that one guy who let’s face it, is just not cutting it. There is no reason for you to pine after him.

Now watch what happens… to YOU!

Email me or post on the blog and let me know what happens!

Ciao ladies

Alyssa K

P.S. I'll be posting this week about flirting with men. That should come in handy for the challenge!

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