Friday, June 11, 2010

How to keep your man wanting more - Building emotional attraction


So we talked about building emotional attraction a few days ago.

But well you need some practical tips so here are a few. The reason that I like these and think that they work so well is that

1.They keep YOU in that positive, feel good, happy place because you worry a lot less about the outcome since you are so busy having fun

2.They give both you and the man in your life what you both want

3.You can enjoy an in the moment connection which does work out much better in the long run.

Again, the whole thing is fascinating but watching it at work in your life and in your interaction with the men in your life is even better. So here goes!

1. Play with him and have FUN. Make sure that you have lots of fun together. Always keep yourself and him smiling.

When YOU are smiling, he is smiling, everything is good and "la vie est belle" as they say. This tip may sound incredibly simplistic but it is really very powerful.

2. Give him as much space as you can. Enjoy the time you have when you are together. Have fun and live in the moment but do NOT crowd him.

Use this time away from him to replenish YOUR positive energy, come back refreshed and with a brand new aura that draws him in.

Pull back sometimes and allow him to miss you, to wonder about you and to come looking for you. Let him have fun with that sometimes. Enjoy the magic when he finds you.

3. Be interesting and unpredictable. Be provocative sometimes with what you say and do so that he never quite knows what you will say or do next.

That way he cannot help but think about you because you keep him guessing. You feel more confident, more daring like YOU are "the one". Like Neo...

4. Take things slowly to the point where he is not sure how into him you are. It does not matter how much fun you are having with him, do not try to rush ahead by forcing your feelings on him.

The key here is staying one step behind him and two steps ahead so that he is not quite sure what you want from him. This is how you keep him on his toes lol

Do you see how much fun you can have with this?

Building emotional attraction is as much fun for you as it is for him and in the end you both get what you want!

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Alyssa K

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