Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How To Keep Your Man? Keep him Wanting More!

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Okay so today we’ll be talking about how to keep your man wanting more…of you. When you keep your man wanting more of YOU, you keep your man!

We have mentioned it a lot here in the blog, men LOVE a challenge. If you continue to create that challenge for him, you continue to increase what I like to call your attraction quotient.

To keep your man, you have to get him so completely attracted to you; so completely into you; completely in love with you , that it never enters his mind to leave you.

When you reach that point, you become the woman your man cannot live without. That is the point we as women all want to get to, right?

So how do we get him to crave more of you? How do you keep him?

1. Be fun to be around. Enjoy the moment as is and have fun with him. Be the kind of woman who your guy thinks is cool to be around. Find cool ways to play with him.

Joke around with him, tease him, laugh, have a pillow fight, play a game of cards or Scrabble. There are tons of ways that you can play with your guy. Get creative and come up with some lol. It's better to find things that suit your unique personality anyway!

That way he gets to have fun and bond with you on the emotional level needed for him to fall in love with you.

2. Give the man his space! I cannot stress this enough. Did I put that in bold enough? lol

Men appear to love their freedom above all else so give him his freedom! You were not born with him, you are not joined at the hip.

As my mother says he had a life before you met him so allow him to live his life like he did before you came into it and you do the same!

By the way my mother and my father have been together for the last 35 years and he's still crazy about her. I just roll my eyes sometimes. Just thought I'd throw that in there. I think she knows what she's talking about, wouldn't you agree?

Guaranteed that when you give him his space, he wants to spend more time with you. Remember women fall in love in a man’s presence. Men fall in love in a woman’s absence!

3. Keep your vibe positive around him at all times. Do not overwhelm him with any negative feelings and by negative feelings I mean fear that he will leave you for another woman; fear that he is cheating on you or seeing someone else; panicking because you haven’t heard him in the last hour.

I do not know how they do it but men detect desperation from a mile away. If you wear that perfume, you will see the back of him soon enough. And that is NOT what you want...

4.Keep yourself busy. I know that there are things that you love to do. You have dreams, goals and aspirations. Get to them! Focus on them. Nothing turns a man on more than a woman who can get up and go and get ahead in life and is not overly focused or too bothered about him.

Right so with these four tips, I think you are well on your way to keeping your guy. If you want more information and more advice on how to do this, have a look at this method !

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your relationship you can always shoot me an email at like some of you have been doing or comment below the post!

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