Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer 2010 is almost over! Which guy is hooked on you?

Hi Ladies,

How did it go? How was summer 2010?

As far as I am concerned it is pretty much over but I hope that you had lots of fun being the best you that you could be!

I know I had fun! I also took some time out to answer emails because they continued to come in and I like to give feedback to you as soon as possible!

I picked up quite a few tidbits to share with you over the summer and I will do that over the course of the next few weeks!

I am now back in full force and will not be mincing words in the second half of this year.

You know what to do so just continue doing it!

I am well aware of the fun that some of you have been having this summer with this one.

Works wonders doesn't it? Yes, it erases mistakes but more than that...

You read it, have some aha moments, use the techniques, start feeling really good about yourself, empowered enough to make some bold, brazen steps to change YOU and your relationship and you get the men in your life to sit up and pay attention!

Win, Win!

What else could you ask for?

So who did you manage to work your charms on? Which guy did you get hooked on you?

No worries, if you haven't achieved it just yet though. Only a matter of time!

Alyssa K

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