Monday, September 20, 2010

When he says he needs space - That's fine, you need your space too!

Hey ladies,

Still on the needing space issue.

Often, you will realize that guys won’t say anything about needing space until they have been pulling back for a while, acting distant, not calling or whatever else they do to make you want to pull your hair out trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Freaking annoying you will agree...

It’s only when you realize that they are acting distant for a days on a stretch that you realize something is up and then, you ask “uhmm, is there something wrong?”

They deny that anything is wrong and then after you prod a bit more, it usually comes out “I just need some space”.

This is after you’ve suffered through the distant behavior and made yourself sick thinking you are losing them.

Sounds familiar? It makes you want to strangle them.

The key is of course NOT getting to this point.

But what if you have reached this point with a man? What do you do now?

I’ll tell you what you do not do. You do NOT open your eyes as wide as saucers and start to have a quivering bottom lip.

You do NOT ask him what he means or ask him if it means you are breaking up and then throwing a fit if he says yes, begging him to stay.

You audibly (this is important) breathe a huge sigh of relief and tell him that you have been feeling the same way and it’s good that HE brought it up. You need some space too…

You need a freaking break too.

See now if he thought that you needed him around you that badly, he was sadly mistaken.

LOL, that’s how you start correcting that mistake.

But now, understand that if he said that, your attraction quotient has fallen somewhat. Now you have to ramp it back up and become insanely attractive to him again.

That is where this gem that was clearly a hit this summer comes in!

It is not just enough to tell him that you need your space.

You have to SHOW him. Therein lies the challenge!

But ladies, when you have met and overcome that challenge, it’s a whole new world for you and the men in your life!

Just remember, you need your space too…

Works wonders I tell ya!


Alyssa K

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