Thursday, September 16, 2010

Statistics - Don't be a nickle looking for a dime...


So I came across this song the other day and I thought for thought.

I won't say anymore for now...but you know that I can pick this to already know me, right? lol

Statistics - Lyfe Jennings

25% of all men are unstable

25% of all men can't be faithful

30% of them don't mean what they say

and 10% of the remaining 20 are gay

That leaves you with 10% chance of ever finding your man

That means you better pay attention to these word that I say

I'm gonna teach how to expose the 90%

And show you what to do to get the other 10


Don't be a booty call
If he don't respect you girl he gone forget you girl

If he's in a relationship

And he would cheat on her that means he would cheat on you


Tell him that you're celibate

and if he want some of your goodies he gone have to work for it

Be the person you wanna find

Don't be a nickle out here lookin' for a dime


(verse 2)
15% of all men got a complex

15% of all men don't practice safe sex

20% of them are from homes without a father

so there's a 50/50 chance that you'll marry a coward

something to think about when you're taking a shower

something to swallow when you drink your bottled water

I'm gonna teach how to expose the 90%

And show you what to do to get the other 10



Be patient
He's waitin'
you don't gotta settle for less
leave all that stress alone

get you a backbone

stop being sorry for yourself
Chances make champions

It's gonna take patience
Time is still wastin'

Listen to the song and watch the video over in the Videos/Podcasts section :)

Later Ladies

Alyssa K

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Absolutely amazing! I love it!

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